• Regional Platform for
    Civil Society Development

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Dialogue, Cooperation, Partnership, Growth, Diversity

Enabling environment

An overview of the legal and financial framework for civil society actors’ activities. It outlines the degree in which basic freedoms necessary for civic engagement, right of association, expression and assembly, have been guaranteed and exercised freely This section includes information on state support provided to civil society actors, tax regulations, incentives for employment and volunteering in civil society organizations etc.

Cooperation & Participation

Relates to cooperation and partnership ventures between civil society actors and state institutions. It includes topics such as: participation of CSOs in shaping policies and decision-making processes, intersectoral partnership in providing services, etc.

CSOs Capacities

Reflects the strength, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of CSOs. This section shows whether civil society actors are internally and externally transparent in their activities, accountable to its members and beneficiaries, are they deriving their activities from the strategic planning and research and using the benefits of both national and transnational coalitions and networking.

EU Integration Process

Sheds light on engaging civil society actors in the EU negotiation processes. This insight will be valuable for both the EU potential candidate countries and the EU candidate countries, as it will help develop suitable participative model and provide a fora for exchanging experiences between actors on their EU path.

CSOs as Agents of Social Change

Enables the exchange of experiences and lessons learned on innovative forms of CSOs involvement in social change, such as the social entrepreneurship, non-formal organizations and movements, micro and grass roots engagement, etc.

New Fundraising Strategies

Enlightens the ways in which civil society actors are managing to raise the necessary funds. The section will encompass the examples, effects and results of CSOs cooperation with business sector and philanthropic initiatives, including their potentials and known benefits.